Yvette Doucette

YvetteDoucetteI was born and raised in Prince Edward Island and find myself back here, some fourteen years now, after the same number spent in Toronto, Ontario. While I have come to love its constant breezes and moving shores, at eighteen I admit I ran screaming from the bucolic, rolling hills of home.

My mother and father were Islanders, Jamaica and PEI respectively, and there is something about being surrounded by the sea that I believe defined them, as it does myself. I began writing poetry at age seven. Fittingly, the only poem surviving from my early years is about the woods in winter. The Island still appears as a character itself in many of my poems. The themes of nature, motherhood, love, loss, the sea, and death dominate my writing, which has been described as “lush, sensuous, and heart-driven.”

I have written and performed monologues at The Guild in Charlottetown as part of “Solo Works,” and on Victoria Row as part of a summer Jazz and Poetry on the Street series organized by poet and educator, Richard Lemm. In 2006 and 2007 I was commissioned by CBC to write for, and compete in, the Island portion of the CBC Poetry Face Off. My poetry has been published in Letting Go: An Anthology of Loss and Survival (Black Moss, 2005), and in Arts East Online (2011 Summer). I am polishing up my first poetry manuscript draft titled, “Y.”

For the joy of it, over the past four years, I have facilitated creative writing groups for students at Bluefield High, East Wiltshire Intermediate, and also for some dynamic, young women writers (aged 12-16) at my home. I won the 2011 Island Literary Award for Young Writers Service.
I am a founding member of the Black Islanders Co-op http://www.blackislandersofpei.com on PEI. I have two children, Uma and Mathurin, and am married to Mark Carr-Rollitt. Home is Charlottetown, in an orange house surrounded by 37 trees and anything else I can plant for the bees or our table.

You can find some of my poetry online at: http://thistownissmall.wordpress.com/category/contributers/yvette-doucette/

And more about me here: http://peiwww.wordpress.com/yvette-doucette/

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