Teeanna Munro

Teeanna Munro

Teeanna Munro (Maternal last names: Phillips King and Taylor) is a spoken word poet, storyteller, educator and learner from Vancouver. Apart of the African diaspora, her family came to Canada from Texas and Oklahoma in 1911 eventually moving to Vancouver in 1929. Her family’s heritage has been passed down and preserved through generations by way of the oral tradition. Although storytelling back then was for entertainment on cold Albertan nights, Teeanna now recognizes the importance of continuing this sacred tradition, not only a as form of entertainment, but also as a tool of resistance to whiteness, making the invisible visible, and promoting self knowledge and love.

She currently lives in Montreal, and is in her 3rd year of English Literature and Women’s Studies at Concordia University. Eventually she will be going into Education and Curriculum Studies. She is passionate about empowering and engaging with youth through arts and education. In Montreal she works at the Quebec Board of Black Educators where she tutors children ages 5 to 9 in an afterschool program, as well as Innovation Youth facilitating a Career Choices workshop with marginalized youth.  

February, 2013, for African Heritage Month Teeanna will be collaborating with ACSioN Network: The African and Caribbean Students’ Network of Canada, to facilitate workshops for Black youth. For National Poetry Month, She will also be holding poetry workshops for youth at the Quebec Board of Black Educators.      


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