A native to Toronto and a first generation Canadian born to two West Indian immigrants,
?uest is an only child for both his parents. ?uest began writing poetry at the age of 16 for the simple fun of it and then gave it up 3 months afterwards. It wasn’t until the passing of a close family friend and other personal experiences, a year later, did ?uest turn back to penning his emotions out on paper. He accredits his continuous writing to his parents and friends, both past and present.

Although he covers a wide array of topics, his two main themes are the notion of Love and Self-identity. He has also written a few poems regarding race and society that have garnered intense discussions in seminars that he has held or been a part of.

?uest is also a co-founder of a grassroots community organization known as Seeds of Prevention along with fellow colleague Danardo Jones. Together they work on conducting seminars primarily for youth but open to adults as well, that deal with Law and the Sociological Impacts of Law. They were both featured on CBC News Radio alongside another colleague back in the winter of 2010 in the city of Ottawa, to discuss the issue of Racial Profiling and the then, infamous, Stacy Bonds case.

At the current moment, ?uest is working on releasing his first collection of poems entitled, “The Twin Sentiments of Man”, which he hopes to release in the Summer of 2013.

A Poetic Rendition of Me

That day has come where they want to know just who I am. I first turn to Daddy and then Mommy, and ask that they give their baby boy a helping hand. You see I’m the first of ‘My Kind’; Mommy’s first born-second, ‘Golden Child’. She looks upon me each day and tells me I’m the joy in her life and I’m my Daddy’s pride.

Society’s perception of love is not what can be found in the household to which we reside. No hugs and kisses, few if any I love you(s), most surprisingly to others, is that we each have our own room. Yet the tight-knit will, to which we’ve been equipped, has taught us how to live without the abovementioned societal list. Now it’s not to say they’re wrong, but like that everlasting teaching Daddy first taught me, “To each their own; as what’s right for some, to others, it’s just somewhat wrong”.

My twin sentiments are what many say make my poetry so prevalent. Knowing this all too well, simply from life’s experience(s), as my younger years were my parents greatest fears. However, the guise to which I wore, not once was I looked upon as one of society’s cancerous sores. As I matured, so did my look, and now I portray the look of society’s Poster Child for the Problem Child, yet I do the complete opposite. Learning day by day, that how I look is what speaks for me, because that golden rule of never judging a book by its cover seems never, to come to fruition in this convoluted society.

The blame is not just outwards, but more so inwards, which is why if you study these words of mine, who I am and whom I choose to be, cannot be properly relayed in a mere biography, as I remain an artist, yet the picture to which my audience sees, will forever differ, based on how each individual chooses to perceive me.


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