Melvina Germain

Diversity is the diamond chip of poetic success. Melvina Germain, born in Sydney, Nova Scotia validates and exemplifies that. Her perpetual passion and yen for broadening her literary scope has enabled her to establish herself as a solid multi- style poet.


(Prayer Warriors) We come together here and pray for each other and for anyone submitted to us. Peace through and through is generated here and we feed on the spiritual energy of each other.  We all get along together as sisters and brothers here, realizing this world is large enough for all of us.
(Poems Plus By Melvina & Friends)
This is a very casual group where poets come together and share their poetic delight.

Supporters of Rainn
This page is mainly to provide awareness to the survivors of  Rape/Incest victims etc. letting them know they do have a place to go for solace where others understand first hand what they are going through.  Here  we can support through (word) inspirational poems, snap shot shorts, or the donation of funds.

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