Kym Dominique-Ferguson

Kym Dominique-Ferguson, a poet born, an actor and filmmaker made, has been writing his truth on paper since his mid-teens. Upon arrival in Montreal in 2000 he made the transition from writing to performing his poetry — hitting up local open mics, college and high school stages across Canada and the United States.

Ferguson has performed in Jamaica, Barbados, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and New York. And, he continues to expand his reach. His primary subject matter is usually, but not limited to love and eroticism, with some trademark pieces such as ’10 things I hate about you’, ‘feed me’ and his classic piece ‘Tight Wet Paradise’.

However, Ferguson’s most powerful and poignant pieces were not his erotic work, but were based on his political stance on racism and his changing perceptions after coming to Canada from a non-racialised society in Jamaica. In particular, ‘Black People Mentality,’ ‘Nigger’ and ‘How Dare You Speak’ have rocked people of diverse ethnic origins.

Ferguson’s company Madpoetix Productions currently runs an monthly Open Mic series called: MADPOETIX Soirées Intimes, which has run consistently since April 2011. His aim with this series is to put the ART back into ARTistic events, while bringing up the quality and classiness of events in Montreal.

‘I believe that artists should get paid, and by presenting events with high calibre performers, and in a comfortable setting for all ages, we will be able to accomplish those goals.’ states Ferguson. ‘It is an honor and a privilege to have been considered, even more so chosen as Poet of the Week for the H.M.S.W.P.V. I thank the group administrators for choosing me and I hope that the work viewers experience prove them right.’

Kym Dominique-Ferguson is working to incorporate different artistic disciplines, filmmaking and theatre with poetry.
In 2010, Ferguson’s company Madpoetix Productions was chosen by the Festival Organizing Committee of the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (Ottawa). He filmed, edited, and produced a triptych of trailers to promote the festival’s return to its place of origin. The trailers can be viewed on YouTube.

Erotic: ‘The Proposition & The Honeymoon’

Racism: ‘How Dare You Speak’


Facebook: Madpoetix

Twitter: @Madpoetix

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