Jean Pierre Makosso

makossaBorn in Pointe-Noire (Congo Brazzaville), Jean-Pierre Makosso, taught by his mother MA M’KAYI, is from a family and traditional background. Enrolled in occidental school system, he has in his pragmatic journey been listening and observing. Throughout his schooling, he quickly displayed his taste for the verb to become the storyteller of all those who do not have one. As a theatre actor he has worked with Company Punta-Négra (Congo), Théâtre du Corps (France) and Théâtre Amiel (Switzerland).

Living in Canada since 2001, Jean-Pierre Makosso works with a traditional music group Masabo (Vancouver, Ottawa), has been writing and directing plays for Canada World Youth with his own cultural company Makosso village. He is also a bilingual comedian and storyteller who performs in schools and universities all over Canada and in festivals worldwide. He has written:

  • La voix du conteur
  • Le cri du triangle
  • Oeuvres humaines (has been translated into English as Human Works)

These titles were published at Éditions Dédicaces in Montréal.

His novel ‘Il était une fois… ce jour-là…’ is coming in Summer, 2013.

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