Anthony Bansfield

Anthony Bansfield is African, Trinidadian, Breton, Taino mixdown in Parry Sound and Ottawa, Ontario heroes Irving and Anne-Marie, mentors Lillan and Kali founded festivals and series with friends and colleagues legacy like N’x Step, NorthCoast, WordLife, south-north griots.

One thought on “Anthony Bansfield

  1. Anthony
    Many years ago I knew your father who was an inspirational educator
    admired by those who worked with him at Algonquin College . I did not
    get a chance to thank him for the help and support he gave me even if he
    was very busy. I always admired his managerial skills and his ability to
    extinguishing even huge bonfires with a sense of dignity as well as being fair for all who worked for him .
    Thank you so much for letting him know…..
    Sincerely ,

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