Ahmed “Knowmadic” Ali

Ahmed “Knowmadic” Ali, is a Somali-Canadian poet who is known to use humor and word play in his poetry to create awareness of social issues that aren’t often given attention. He feels he is continuing the legacy passed on by his ancestors who shared a common interest in spoken word.

In the few years that he has been active, Ahmed has been able to achieve national recognition for his witty, humorous and metaphorical style of poetry.

In 2009, along with a few other poets Ahmed was able to help excel the spoken word poetry community In Edmonton with the inception of the Breath In Poetry Collective, a group of poets which run a regular poetry night every Tuesday and are recognized by SpoCan Canada. Additionally, Ahmed facilitates workshops throughout various communities empowering individuals to use the power of words to communicate effectively.

In 2011, along with team Edmonton, Ahmed became the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word champion.

He also competed in the underground competition placing second out of 20 plus well recognized poets throughout Canada. His line “I Am Africa” was given most memorable and most likely to appear on a T-shirt.


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