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  1. I am very pleased you have formed “Great Black North”! and wish y’all much success. Please keep me posted as to other works you may have on your agenda. Should there be anyway I can help or assist you with your marketing please do not hesitate to contact me at the above e-mail. Accordingly, I will forward you our Plaza Noir Newsletter, in the spirit of networking. All the best C.

  2. i would like to receive a list of where the poets live i would like to know if all the poets in that list of poets is the all inclusive list you have made to compile the great black north anthology. if this is so, which i have reason to believe it is, i find your book biased and unfavourable to QUEBECOIS blacks. at a quick glance i see ONE french name, was his work even translated from french? where is KAIE KELLOUGH?! if his name isnt listed on that list but he is included in the anthology then excuse me for my accusations. but if not, well then my accusations stand and i am rightly pissed off about the lack of quebeciois blacks in the book and you have made a big mistake.

    once again, shoot me down if im wrong, but this is how i’d respond if i was right about my assumptions of including some of these half ass poets in a book without more french writers anyway.

    • Thank u for your concern. We have several poets from Quebec and several French speaking poets who chose to submit in English. We translated one from French and would have done more if asked.

      Yes Kai is missing from this collection but from his own choice. He was invited and has since acknowledge this was a mistake. Similarly others are missing due to their choice.

      We had a French consultant on the project and did our best to out reach but it is inevitable that not every one will be in it. It’s our hope that we will find a French publisher to translate the whole anthology.

      Due to confidentiality I can’t give you a list of addresses, but here is a list by city. We hope you will read the book with an open mind. We refer to French poets in our intro.

      • thank you for your reply, i’ve calmed down a bit. i understand that some chose not to be included in the anthology. i’ll gladly read your anthology with an open mind. well done. i congratulate you, sincerely, and will reserve any further opinions i may have for some other time so that we can mutually expand upon our beautiful heritage.

        word one

  3. We would like further information about having the local story-tellers and poets visit our school in Madeira Park. We are a small school with grades Kindergarten to Six. What is being offered and is it suitable for all ages? How much time is involved? Thank you.

  4. Hi Kevin,

    I have set up a spoken word page for my monthly magazine Ascent Aspirations to promote and encourage spoken word artists. I thought as a kick off for announcing a call for submissions, that I would feature each month two spoken word videos from famous artists. The design will consist of a head-shot photo of the artist and a bio with links to his or her web sites and of course the spoken word video that is down loaded and embedded on the site from YouTube.

    I am wondering if you would like to be one of our featured spoken word artists. I can embed a piece that you choose from YouTube or I can choose one of my favorites.

    So far I have invited Sheri-D Wilson, Missie Peters, Kim Goldberg, Judy Millar, Ivan Coyote, and Greg “Ritallin” Frankson and you can find the example of the pages for them in the current issue and also in the archives.

    Let me know if this can work for you. And if so, which video, I can choose myself.

    David Fraser

  5. Congratulations on the two awards and popularity of the book.

    Chapters/Indigo are out of stock for the book……”Sorry, this item has sold out and may be re-stocked in the future”. Do you have an sense of when it will be available again. Thanks and have a ‘magical’ day!

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